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Bathroom Design

kamar mandi 2Bathroom is one of important thing in the home. Morning activity start here. When we want to build or renovate our bathroom become good and healthy one, there are some aspects that should be considered e.a: size, dry or wet bathroom type, placement, lighting, air circulation and safety.

The size of bathroom is depend on the space available. If we have a big home, we can make big bathroom too. But if the space available in our home is very limited, we must adjust bathroom size. Other factor is activities in our bathroom. If bathroom also use for make up or you like to bath in your bath up, the size of your bathroom should be larger.

Dry or Wet
kamar mandi 4Bathroom with dry floor looks cleaner but wet floor is more desirable due to people bathing habit. We also place dry and wet bathroom in one compartment. The concern is should be a separator to ensure that dry floor will not become wet. For example we can use fiber separator or make wet section lower and separated by plastic curtain.
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To accommodate a lot of request that come into my in box about Japanese Garden, I will share some pictures of Japanese Garden. I hope that these will help your imagination to design garden in your home especially Japanese Garden.

japanese_gardenGazebo, beautiful pond, bridge and Koi fish are common elements in Japanese style garden

japanese-gardensUnique Lamp in the corner of pond
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Bedroom Design Tips

kamar tidur idaman

Bedroom is the most place people like in the house. In this room we can get calm and quiet ambience and we can take a rest after full days activity. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough area to accommodate the best size for our bedroom.
Actually we have trick to decorate our bedroom looks so roomy and comfort. And be ready we will share our tips for you.

1. Use bright and clear color

Bright and clear wall color will reflex better light, so the result of lighting effects will be maximized. There are some colors that we can use beside white, for example: light green or light yellow.
Adjust paint color with wall ornament, choose ornament which have suitable color or brighter color. Cupboard color can be made the same with the wall color to get roomy effect and don’t combine the bedroom with hard color curtains at the window.
Carefully when we will use wallpaper, for safety choices use solid color with little motif.
Whatever the wall color you choose, we recommend white color for the ceiling to get maximal light effect.
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The beauty of dwelling becomes so perfect owing to the presence of a beautiful garden. That’s right if we say that a home without a garden like a cooking without seasoning. Now the question is, what kind of garden which is suitable with your home?. To find out the answers, don’t stops read here because I will give some options to choose.

Even though garden has an attraction for a home, unfortunately sometimes we can’t care our garden due to our daily activity. The nutrition and water for the plants are not enough make them faded. For this reason, prepare your time and give more attention to make our garden beautiful. Prior to make them beautiful, identify the type of garden which is suitable with your home and your business.
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Home Sweet Home

home-sweet-home-thumb3012596Home is not only for protecting us from rain and sunlight. But from a home, a family start an interaction. A home is the smallest  environment for human interaction. What we get from a home will have a huge effect to our personality.

For the first post i will share about How To Make Our Home Comfort For Our Family. If we often hear about idiom “My Home is My Palace”, it’s not mean that we must have luxurious home, but it’s mean that our home should give comfort condition to our family. The luxurious home is only show case, nice views but not necessarily comfortable to stay inside. So if there are luxury home but the owner prefer to stay long time in the cafes, it’s mean that the home is not the Palace for the owner. Because the home doesn’t make them enjoy.

A lot of interior design expert said that the need of comfortable home will increase recently due to hard life and stress level of the people in the city. At home we can release our daily stress which come from our activity. It’s not difficult to make our home “homy”. It’s depend on our preferences about comfort home.
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